Beginning or Ending?

We tend to put a wrong perspective about beginning and end.
Sometimes, what we thought as an end, actually is a beginning.
Using different perspectives, will give us totally different mindset.

When we look something as an end, we wIll be more relax.
We feel that we’ve already put huge effort on something, and deserve to chill a little bit.
We feel that we’ve used all our resources, it’s time to rest.
We feel that we’ve got nothing after this ending.

When we look something as a beginning, we will be more ready.
We can see the whole new page that we’re going to face.
We can see what’s needed to make the new chapter as good as we can.
We need to take a rest, but just for a while. It’s just gonna be a short stop. Take some breaths, and start running again.

It’s up to you, to see something as a beginning or and end.
But, do remember, that it will affect how you see the world and how you operate in it.

This is inspired by my brother wedding. So, brother, please do consider this as my way to memorize your wedding. I keep it on my blog.
Happy wedding!!