Getting the Right Mindset

When I decided to do one blogpost everyday, I was scared.
I was scared that I couldn’t find topic for my blogpost.
I was scared that my post wouldn’t be good enough.
I was scared that I would fail. Because, I’ve never posted blogpost every day regularly.
Too many things that scared me.
But, I did it anyway.

And I’m surprised by the fact that things are easier than I thought.
I can find topic for my blogpost everyday in the morning. Right before I start doing my activity. Even I have long idea list for my future blogpost. Idea is not the problem right now.
No more mental block. You know, the situation when you just can not write at all. You have the idea, but you can not spill any single word. I can write naturally, without significant problem.

After doing it for a while, I know what makes it feels easier.
It’s because my mindset. Our mind always trick us all day everyday. It trick us with scared, hesitation, and other negative thing. When we’re in the wrong mindset, everything will feel hard to do. We have thousands reasons to stop doing what we do. Shifting our mindset is the key to gain what we want. I’m doing blogging everyday, just because I want. I want to have notes about my thought that I can read again in the future. I don’t care whether it’s good for others. I don’t care will others read it. What I really care is about what I want. And it makes everything just go perfectly smooth. I’m not scared. No more mental block. No more “I have no idea to write” reasons.

If we can get ourselves in the right mindset. We can do anything.
The best way to shaping the right and strong mindset-in my opinion-is by digging the reason why. Why we start doing what we do. Why we put big effort in our activity. Having the right why, can help us shifting into the right mindset and keeping it.