How’s Your 2018?

Less than 4 days more before we entering the brand new 2019.

For me, nothing’s special. I’m not that type of person who always create resolution for the new year. It’s just another eve. It’s just another new morning. The only difference only on the number on the year. That’s it. Sure do, I put a few goals for my life. For example, graduated was on my 2018 list. And I’m glad I can check that from the list.

I personally more into the activity of reviewing my previous year in the end of the year.
I’ve spent 365 days alone. How did I manage it? What have I done and what haven’t? What lesson learned from 2018? I do believe, each person is the sum of every experience they do. So it’s good for me to be do a little check on 2018. What 2018 made me into? A better person? A more strong heart person? A more sensitive person? Or a more rebellious person? Who knows? Maybe I don’t know, till I do the review. 

Year will be just gone, if we don’t appreciate it.
Another year, will be just another year if we have no idea what to do.

So, how’s your 2018?