Should Everyone be a Leader?

Few months back, I watched a very interesting video on YouTube.
It was Simon Sinek, talking about millennials. If you have no idea who’s Simon Sinek, please do watch this first. Unfortunately, I can’t find the video I’m going to refer in this post.
But if you’re curious and have enough spare time, try to search this queries: “Simon Sinek Millennials Inside Quest”

This is not about millennials. Not gonna say much words about millennials. Hey, I’m part of it. Even though Simon Sinek talked about millennials the whole video, there’s one point that I find fascinating. It’s about leadership. Yes. Leadership.
Now, we always told that being a leader is good, right?
Being a leader is something you can be proud of. And it’s like something you need to pursue since your first day on elementary school.
Here’s one part I find interesting on Simon Sinek statement. Anyway, I rephrased the words because I couldn’t remember the whole line. But I get the point.

“Everyone, maybe, can be a leader, but not everyone should be a leader.”
“Everyone, maybe, can be a leader, but does everyone want to be a leader?”

Look, I know it feels like too complex and counter productive. But the more you read it, the more you get it. Being a leader is no joke. It’s though, no matter what kind of pack you lead. Maybe it’s a company, small working group, friends, community, or even family. I can confirm this, since I’ve been struggling with my own businesses for almost 2 years. There’s whole different nuance and responsibility once you become a leader. Being a leader is about handling another human being. It’s not about accomplishing a field works. You may be good at field works or practical works, but are you good at managing human being?
I find, in my perspective that inspired by Simon Sinek, there are two major problem in our society related to leadership:

First. Human is a complex creature. Yes, we are. What drives our behaviour is vary. It can be economic, it can be moral, it can be society (further topic can be look at the book entitled Freakonomics). If we have no idea what really drives human, how can we manage them? Remember, even our parent couldn’t manage us, sometimes.

Second. We always told it’s good to be a leader, but never showed how.
Take a look at all the advices about leadership you’ve got. I bet 90% of it covers about how good it’s to be a leader. But only a little, or maybe none of them told us how to do it properly, right? As far as I know, the best leader shaped from their own experience. The best leader come from the very bottom of the process. They walk their way from the very bottom, so when they are at the top, they know what needed by their team who support them. Because they’ve been there. Now, how many people just skip that process, just because they just start their own company or businesses? I need to say, it’s getting easier to create one businesses compared to 5 years ago. Leader just can’t skip the process. Leader need to know how it feels from the very bottom of the company, group, community, or family. 

This is maybe one of unpopular opinion about leadership, but it is the way I see leadership nowadays. I don’t prohibit people to be a leader. I just want to remind everyone, including me, that being a leader is a huge role to do. Don’t be a leader, just because the majority say it’s good to be a leader. Be a leader, when you’re ready. Be a leader, when you’re willing to do it. Be a leader, when you know the consequences.