Small Thing, Big Problem

2018 almost end. Less than 14 days more, and we’re leaving 2018, welcoming 2019.
Maybe it’s too earlier to talk about year end. But, whatever, it’s my own blog.

I’ve been spending few nights, thinking about how my 2018 goes. Is it good, is it bad, or just so so. Well, just like another years, shit did happen. You know you will never had a perfect year without any bad stuff come to you. And it’s cool. I’m okay with that. After spending night after night, something hit me. I always think it’s the big decision that give significant impact to my life this year. But, no. It is the small things, which actually affect my whole year. Small habit like, spending too much time on social media, does affect my year.

Why we don’t see small stuff as an important thing? Small habit, done consistently and repeatedly, can lead to bigger cause. It is something I learn this year. How I miss control over small thing, that actually can lead to bigger problem. It is easier to have control on bigger problem, because we see it as an important thing. So, we put more effort and focus on it. But, on the other hand, we see small habit as something doesn’t need too much effort. We just let it flow autonomously, till it leads to another bigger problem.

I know it won’t be easy. But, paying attention to my small habit, can protect me from unwanted bigger problem.