A Limit Sometimes Can Help You Out

As a person who works in creative industry, being creative means finding the right trigger.
Creativity is not something you can wait. You have to find certain trigger and references to make this idea pop right in front of you. Finding the right stimulant is another tough task to do.

For me, one of the most effective stimulant is a limit. Yes, you read it right. A limit. Something that is there to hold you from doing big thing. Something that doesn’t allow you to do crazy stuff because the resources are not ready. We can always find a limit in everyday life. I want to tell story, but I can’t draw. My inability to draw is a limit. I want to watch movie, but I don’t have the time. That’s another limit. Funny point about limit is, with the right mindset it actually can be a very good stimulant for creativity. First, it challenges you to find more solution. Second, it offers you a clear boundaries. So you can focus on one or two specific aspect. 

Let me give you an example. I need to write story about my favorite food. It’s a very general task, isn’t it. But, there’s a limit. I can not use the word delicious in my whole story. I have to tell about my favorite food without mentioning the word delicious. It maybe a little bit stressful at the beginning. How come I can not use the easiest word available to describe a food? This is when the magic happens. Because I can not use delicious, I need to find another way. Hey, maybe I can switch the word delicious by exploring more detail about this food. Maybe, I can start with exploring how it smell? Or maybe I can write about how it’s made? Or maybe, I can use metaphor to explain how the food tastes like? Suddenly, I can find different idea and approach to explain about my favorite food without even using the word delicious. How cool is that? 

We only need to change the perspective to see the bright spot.
If your client say they don’t have much money, just figure out another affordable solution.
If you want to make a movie but you don’t have the resources, maybe you can start doing vlogging at the first. If I’m not mistaken, SAW was made upon huge limitation. The creator didn’t have enough resources, so they need to create movie that didn’t need big amount of money. And SAW is the result. If you have watched the movie, you’ll realize the movie didn’t have too many different environment set. It,mostly,always in a room. That’s the result of limit.

So, ready to embrace the limit?