Believe in Process

How many times do you hear the wise advice about the process? Thousands, or maybe millions of times, for sure. I personally do believe in the process. What makes it feels so hard to believe in the process is the fact that sometimes the result just not that good. It’s a paradox. How come we need to enjoy the process, if the end result is bad? It’s a matter of how we see the indirect results.

We always see the result or end output as the primary reward. If the end output sucks, we’re screwed. Thus we can’t appreciate the process. Let’s change the perspective a little bit. When you’re doing a process, it’s the process that really matters to you. Do it because you have to do it. Talk about the result at the end. A good process will leave you good stuff. If the result not that good, at least you get the experience.

Quick example.

I’m trying to start a biz. With blood, sweat, and tears, the biz only lasts for a year. If I only see the result, I’m apparently a failure. My biz doesn’t survive. Period. But, I need to look at the other side. In 12 months, I’ve been doing many things I haven’t done before. I got a bunch of experiences related to biz that I couldn’t get from any books. Now I know how actually to manage money for biz. Now I know how to maintain a whole team. Stuff I knew nothing about before. So, even the biz won’t survive, I have upgraded my skill. I have leveled up from know nothing to had the real experience. Using that perspective, it’s not a total failure tho. The process brings me stuff that may be useful for me in the future.

So, do not see the process as a short result. It’s the process that really matters.