Does Visual Matter?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. How many time we’ve heard that advices? Feels like it’s been told to us over and over again. This post will cover the perspective around that premise from a person who have problem in the term of visual.
Let me explain my background. I have, let’s say, bellow average height. In the other way, I’m short. For 25 years, I always be the shortest guy in the crowd. Kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college, works. You can identify my presence in any group photo by noticing the shortest person. If your eyes catch the shortest person, congratulations, you have found me!! It is not a big deal, actually. Just because I’ve been through this for a long time, I can accept that.
Here goes the fact that happens to me in the term of visual (body height). To be clear, I don’t consider this as a major problem.
First, people always think that I am younger than my real age. Yes, my height makes me look like a teenager.
Second, they often make it as a joke. You know, in the term of jokes, covering physical appearance is very easy to do. It is right in front of your eyes.
Third, I used to feel not confident because of my height. I’m gonna use the simplest example here. It may sounds cheesy, but it is real. Approaching girl was terrifying. There. I said that.
The point is, visual does matter. It help us in developing certain feeling, impressions and assumptions upon specific entity. It could be a person, biz, organization, etc.
But, it is not the only thing that matters. Visual only the first identifiable component that can be accessed when we encounter new entity.
Visual does matter, but another deeper, complex and intangible also matter. A person’s way of thinking, knowledge, expertise also matter. It maybe matter more than the visual component.
I write this to encourage anyone out there who maybe have the same visual issues as mine to be more confident. And to remember that it is not only about visual.