Poser: The Death of Expertise

Poser (noun), a person who acts in an affected manner to impress others.

I see at least two major points from the description above. First, affected manner. Second, to impress.

A poser is he/she who wants to impress others, no matter what. Posers don’t care whether they really into a certain thing or not. Posers don’t care about the right information and attitude. All they want is an impression. Posers will do anything to impress others. From this manifestation, I get a few topics to discuss, but let’s just focus on one thing at a time.

For me, posers don’t bother me a lot. This is how I put it delicately, I don’t find poser is bothering, because I actively block their existence in my conscious mind. Simply said, I don’t care about them. If there’s a certain thing that bothers me, it is not directly about posers, but more about the impact they bring.

Let’s take a bird’s eye view on this particular subject. Posers will do anything to get the impression. Bold and underline, anything. They only care about the result they get. They skip some process when they try to gain an impression. If what posers want is an impression, and maybe, exposure, they only focus on what matters for people. The easiest way to put yourself in a spotlight is by saying the currently hot thing. All eyes are on what’s hot, posers just need to sneak into it. Period. They jump into the water without testing it first. It can be shown in so many ways; wearing stuff they don’t know, saying things they don’t understand, listening to music they don’t like. The most dangerous impact comes from saying things they don’t know.

Sure do, in this era fast-moving communication, information becomes precious. It’s the oil and gold of the communication realm. Everyone can be so famous for what they say or share. If you don’t get it, try to scroll your Twitter timeline. You will eventually find strangers with a vague background saying things they don’t know, but they get enormous impressions. This is what bothers me lately.

Posers, for the sake of their obsession, start saying non-credible information. They just want the spotlight. For them, it’s about being the first, not being right. They pass information from unknown sources through social media and digested by a bigger audience. Thanks to the low level of digital literacy in Indonesia, most people will believe ANYTHING they get from social media. Can you see my point now?

For a very specific theme to discuss, we need to rely on credible sources. People who have dedicated their time and life to study one specific subject. It’s called an expert. Posers, to impress others, they have killed the expert. Posers don’t need a degree, they don’t care about expertise, they only pursue fame.

I need to say that it is horrifying when the rise of posers means the death of expertise. People would rather listen to posers with a massive number of followers than experts with low existence in social media. People prefer being updated first, to understanding the truth. People believe in a bunch of information passed from social media more than a credible news channel.

Repeat after me.

Posers, they kill expert.
Please, don’t be like them.