Why we tend to value ourself lower than what it really is?

“I can’t do this better than others.”
“I’m not that smart.”
“It’s just a luck.”

Why it is easier for us to assume that what we do doesn’t really matter?

“Everyone can do what I do.”
“There’s nothing special about it, I do it every single day.”
“My idea is not that good.”

We always look outside and forget to appreciate what is inside. All those external stimulus is way too powerful than our own inner voices. 

An Instagram post from friend of ours will stay longer in our mind than what we’ve achieved. Someone else’s works are always more interesting than our consistent work for more than 3 years. It’s tempting to follow what we see outside, so we adopt the idea that everyone is better than us every single day.

I know it’s very hard to talk with our selves. It’s even harder to appreciate our own selves. How can we appreciate our selves when we can’t barely talk to our inner voice?

Try this simple thing to appreciate our inner self:

“Appreciate all good things happen to us,
no matter how small it is.”

It can be a good work, happy client, new project, new shoes, good friends, interesting experiences, etc. It can be anything. Start appreciating small stuff, and we will see our selves bigger than before.