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do good marketing or do good for marketing?

In the marketing realm, it’s a never-ending debate about what’s good for marketing. In fact, I can say there’s no fixed formula for good marketing. Why? Because we’re talking about humans, and humans always change. […]

Mencontek adalah proses belajar

Hah, gimana? Astaghfirullah, orang kok diajarin nyontek! Itu dosa! Itu salah! Mencontek kok dibilang proses belajar?! Ini pasti yang nulis dulu jaman sekolahnya bego! Saya sudah bisa nebak bakal ada respon seperti di atas ketika […]

New Way to Determine a Brand Touch Point

I just re-read a very good book titled The Brand Flip by Marty Neumeier. If you’ve been following me on my digital channel, I’m sure you have heard this name before. Marty Neumeier is the […]

The Essence of Collaboration

So many people say it’s time to collaborate. Yes, we all agree that collaboration is the thing now. But, how many of us that really able to implement the concept of collaboration? That’s the question […]