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Halo, selamat datang di website personal saya! Perkenalkan, saya Daniel Revelino. Saya tidak tahu bagaimana Anda menemukan website personal saya ini, tapi karena Anda sudah sampai di sini saya berharap semoga ada hal bermanfaat yang […]

Life is a Paradox

Paradox, a seemingly absurd or self-contradictory statement or proposition that when investigated or explained may prove to be well founded or true. Yes, life is a paradox. Here’s why. Before continuing further, I need to […]

Age is Just a Number

Been doing biz for 3 years makes me realize a couple things.First, there are lot of great young entrepreneur. Yes, hands down. No argue on that.I’ve met amazing person that even younger than me. They’re […]

I Skipped 4 Days of Blogging

My last blogpost was posted on 4 January. Apparently I missed my rhythm. I lost my pattern. Well, it’s happened, and it made my think. What caused this?As I review it, I find one major […]

Sometimes, Time Really Does Fly

When did the last time you just have a conversation with someone, and suddenly it’s 11 PM already? Felt like time did really fly. Felt like you’re entering a time wrap zone. Remember that experience […]

Living Your Own Live

What’s scary about life?For me, living a life that’s not mine.Well, I only live once, why should I live a life that’s not belong to me?Would be a waste of time, wouldn’t it?

A Limit Sometimes Can Help You Out

As a person who works in creative industry, being creative means finding the right trigger.Creativity is not something you can wait. You have to find certain trigger and references to make this idea pop right […]

What’s Good About Habit

If you’re persistent enough, you will be able to turn anything you do, into a habit. What’s so special about habit? What makes it really good? How habit can change a person? This post will […]

How’s Your 2018?

Less than 4 days more before we entering the brand new 2019. For me, nothing’s special. I’m not that type of person who always create resolution for the new year. It’s just another eve. It’s […]

Why I Don’t Buy the Term “Coincidence”

I, personally, don’t buy the term “coincidence,” when we’re talking about opportunity.Often times, people will reply that whatever just came to them just a coincidence. I used to think that way too. But, as I […]

Merry Christmas

This post won’t be long.It will be short and brief.Just wanna say Merry Christmas for those who celebrate it.I spent 6 years on Catholic elementary school, so Christmas is not something new for me.Those 6 […]

Fear: Why It’s Powerful Enough to Push You

What’s the most powerful things that could drive human behaviour?It’s-maybe-even more powerful than dream. What is it? It’s called fear.Yes, fear. Fear, can push our potential till the limit. Often times, we break the limit […]

Life Will Always Push Us to Grow

Life will always push us to grow.It will never stop challenging us.Life, have thousands option and possibilities for us to choose.What matter is how we respond to it.We can just do nothing or trying to […]